Virtually every hair loss product on the market today attempts to increase blood flow to the scalp. MagnaRoller and MagnaMax Foam not only increase blood flow, but simultaneously break up and block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), calcified Sebum & Keratin, while increasing blood flow to the hair follicle better, faster, and without the use of harmful chemicals or hormones for both hair loss men and hair loss women.

Scalp Massager for Hair Growth By Magnaroller

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  No Chemical, Hormones or Surgery

No chemicals with dangerous side effects, no hormones that can have serious consequences, and no painful surgery leaving scars.

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An all natural solution for hair loss for both men and women!

All hair growth products attempt to increase blood flow to the scalp by using either chemicals that create an artificial reaction that leads to increased blood flow (and negative side effects) or artificial stimulators like electric combs or laser combs which for most people are prohibitively expensive. They also do not have the added effect of breaking up calcified Sebum which blocks the flow of blood to the hair follicle in the first place. The MagnaRoller and MagnaMax Foam do all of this for a fraction of the cost and without any harmful or dangerous side effects.

MagnaRoller uses hard fingers to aggressively massage the scalp. This hard massaging action breaks up calcified Sebum (oil). Our MagnaMax foam is the safest all natural on the market.


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Simply massage the scalp with the MagnaRoller to increase blood flow and repeat daily. The scalp will tingle and feel alive.

MagnaRoller's sturdy ergonomic design is made to last for years. The MagnaMax foam is conveniently billed automatically and shipped monthly so you never run out!

MagnaRoller is an all natural massaging action with the use of whole earth magnets, it increases and improves blood flow to the scalp and the individual hair follicles.

The key to healthy shiny hair is ample blood flow to the hair follicles.

MagnaRoller stops hair loss, and achieves hair growth with its patented magnetic design and hard massaging fingers. It's an all natural, easy to use method that works for both genders. Hair loss men and hair loss women.

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